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Expedition with Steve Backshall - Sunday 8pm on UKTV Dave

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Don’t miss Expedition with Steve Backshall each Sunday at 8pm broadcasting on UKTV Dave.

The series will follow Steve as he descends a white-water river in the Himalayas, treks through jungles in South America and climbs mountains in the deserts of the Middle East.

In pursuit of new discoveries and world firsts, Steve takes on extreme physical challenges, encounters extraordinary wildlife and meets remarkable people.

Blue Planet Live on BBC One this Sunday evening

Steve Backshall, Liz Bonnin and Chris Packham kick off an exciting new live series to explore the health of our oceans and its wildlife, broadcasting thousands of miles from across the planet to find out how marine life is coping in the face of increasing environmental pressure.

Episode 1 airs on BBC One this Sunday evening

One Wild Night with Steve and Helen Backshall and Friends from Wildlife, Adventure and Sport

A once in a lifetime collaboration between some of the greatest names in wildlife, adventure and sport, coming together for one night only to share experiences, tell tall tales, and bring to the RGS lecture theatre images and films from some of the world’s wildest places.

Among those sharing the stage with Steve will be Helen Glover and Heather Stanning, Simon Watt, Sean Conway, Lowri Morgan, Dan Snow, Doug Allan, Leo Houlding, Sophie Raworth, Dame Katherine Grainger, Dr George McGavin, Will Greenwood.

Your host for the evening will be seasoned raconteur Monty Halls who is a broadcaster, naturalist, former Royal Marine, marine biologist and travel writer. His experience covers more than two decades of leading teams in some of the most remote environments on earth, presenting wildlife and adventure documentaries.

Funds raised through the event will support World Land Trust’s work to save forever threatened tropical forest in Belize. As a Patron of World Land Trust Steve will give a flavour of country and its incredible wildlife and say why he is one hundred per cent behind this project. .

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Deadly 60 Down Under 2019 Tour


However this time there is big difference … this summer Steve will appear live on stage with some of Australia’s deadliest animals!

Join Steve as he shares the wildest Deadly footage from his times in Australia … being lowered from a helicopter to dangle into a crocodile’s nest, or hand catching the world’s most venomous octopus just off Sydney Harbour. Plus there will be loads of audience participation and lots of on stage fun!

Don’t miss Steve Backshall and some of Australias deadliest wildlife on stage this summer!

Get tickets at:

Expedition with Steve Backshall 

Expedition with Steve Backshall will follow Steve, his team of world-class experts and his film crew, as they venture into uncharted territory.

Steve Backshall said: “If you think our planet was explored long ago, think again. There are still dark and forgotten corners of our world with hidden secrets and we plan to reveal them.”

Steve is accompanied by a world class film crew who will document the journey and feature on camera throughout the series. The filming of the expedition is as much a part of the story as the exploration of each out-of-this-world location. To be successful, Steve and his adventurist experts – including divers, kayakers and mountaineers – will have to rely on each other and the power of extraordinary teamwork.

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Steve Backshall Vs The Monster Mountain - Monday 14th May on CBBC

Monday 14 May                                            5.30pm-6.30pm                                          CBBC

Monday 14 May                                            5.30pm-6.30pm                                          CBBC

Steve Backshall takes on one of the most notorious mountain climbs in the world, the north face of the Eiger in Switzerland.

Steve knows it’s the team around him who will make all the difference as he sets out to realise his boyhood dream. Steve’s wife, double Olympic rowing champion Helen Glover, puts him through his paces as he strives to reach peak fitness in the months leading up to the challenge. Whilst one of Britain's greatest climbers, Leo Houlding, partners Steve as they train on Gogarth Cliffs in North Wales.

But Steve must be ready mentally as well as physically if he is to achieve his dream of reaching the summit of the Eiger.

After months of gruelling physical and mental training in the UK and Swiss Alps, Steve and his elite climbing team are ready to climb the mountain dubbed ‘The Ogre’. But they quickly discover that the vertical mile of treacherous rock isn’t the only challenge. Faced with brittle ice-covered cliffs, blinding blizzards and deep biting cold sweeping in with the Beast from the East, Steve finds himself pushed to the very edge of his ability. As a monster storm front moves in, heart-breaking decisions must be made in a race against time to save the expedition.