Final episode of Fierce

Tonight at 8pm on ITV in the final episode of the series, Steve is in the vast nature reserves of South Africa in search of a pack of rare and endangered African wild dogs. In this final episode, Steve helps capture and tag a magnificent martial eagle, gets hands on with a venomous spitting cobra and a puff adder as they strike and risks life and limb to kayak up close to Africa's most dangerous mammal, the highly unpredictable hippopotamus.

Steve Backshall - Fierce on ITV

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Steve Backshall will explore the world in search of some of the planet’s fiercest animals. In six epic adventures to Guyana, Mexico, Namibia, Indonesia, Australia and South Africa, he’ll be getting up close and personal with the world’s most venomous snake, the extraordinary Komodo Dragon and even the notorious honey badger.

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