Picture: Adam White

Picture: Adam White

Steve’s first love was writing. He began his career working for the Rough Guides and freelance travel writing for various publications including The Independent and The Times. With over half a million words worth of diaries and crazy anecdotes, Steve is the perfect contributor for any travel, wildlife or conservation media.



Shine a light into the unknown

There are still dark corners of our planet that are yet to be explored. In this remarkable book, Steve Backshall offers an unflinching account of his adventures into these uncharted territories around the globe, in search of world firsts. Each location brings its own epic challenges - whether it's the first climb of an arctic ice fall in Greenland, the first recorded navigation of a South American river, or the first exploration of the world’s longest cave system in Mexico. But all of them represent new tests of the limits of human endeavour.

Accompanying a major 10-part series on BBC and Dave, Expedition is a breathtaking journey into the unknown, and a brilliantly written celebration of the pleasures of genuine discovery.


Saker and Sinter have worked together to save tigers, wolves and orangutans. Now, Saker wants to take down the biggest enemy of all – the Clan. The Clan are a group of boys, trained from birth to be thieves, fighters, and assassins. Saker once was one of them, until he met Sinter, and realised that the Clan was working for evil, rather than good.

Sinter wants nothing to do with the Clan. On the other side of the world from Saker, she is trying to forget her own painful past. Travelling on a ship called the Shark Saviour, her purpose now is to try and protect the creatures of the sea from huge fishing boats devastating the ocean.

But Saker needs Sinter to defeat the Clan, and so the two young eco-warriors will come together one more time. Using cunning, cutting-edge technology and pure daring, they will defeat their enemy – once and for all.

Steve Backshall Shark Seas


Steve Backshall has been climbing since his teens and has a genuine love affair with the mountains and with an environment that has the power to make a human being feel very small, very vulnerable and very alive. 

MOUNTAIN - A LIFE ON THE ROCKS is the dramatic account of a life of daring, a narrative peppered with memorable anecdotes. In 2008 Steve broke his back climbing in Wales. It gave him the motivation to contend with his devils and seek new challenges. His gripping memoir flashes back to his advanced Himalayan mountaineer qualification with the Indian army, surrounded by soaring lammergeiers (which the Tibetans use to crunch down the bones of their dead and bear their spirits skywards), chough and ravens. It also describes the first ascent of Mount Kuli in the Bornean rainforest in search of new species of animals, and tells of the traumas and near-death experiences Steve went through summiting this menacing peak. He tells of Karakoram, and the foothills around K2, the world's second-highest mountain, and the other Himalayan challenges of Lhotse and Cho Oyu, and of his climbing companion's fall into a crevasse on the trail of a snow leopard. Another marvellous episode is the first ascent of the Venezuelan sandstone massif, Tepuis, and sleeping out on the rockface for five days.

MOUNTAIN - A LIFE ON THE ROCKS is both a quest and a wonderfully absorbing autobiography by one of Britain's most intrepid climbers. Available October 8th 2015


Saker is a member of the Clan, a clandestine group offering child renegades for hire to the highest bidder. The Clan are like brothers, but once you’re a member you can never leave - ever. Each member of the Clan has their own animal identity and corresponding tattoo, each is an expert in jungle law, survival and the ways of animals in order to make them better spies, thieves or assassins.

Saker’s latest assignment takes him to India to bring down the men who protect tigers. He’s being employed by a Chinese overlord who specialises in poaching for tiger farms and tiger organs for high priced medicines. But something happens to make Saker change sides and now he’s on the run from his predatory brothers. They’re hunting him down and they’re professionals.

He meets fifteen year old Sinter, a spoiled rich girl, who is running away from an arranged marriage and their uneasy friendship will eventually form an unshakeable bond, as together they face adventure and danger as two young eco-warriors in a truly threatening world.

Saker and Sinter are on a quest to right some of the horrific wrongs perpetrated against wildlife around the planet. As they rescue tigers or mountain gorillas, thwart shark finners and cyanide fishers, rainforest exploiters and canned hunters, they come face to face with the world’s most fascinating, majestic and lethal creatures.

Steve Backshall Tiger Wars

Steve Backshall Ghosts In The Forest


‘Ghosts of the forest’ is the second instalment in the thrilling ‘Falcon Chronicles’ trilogy.

Saker and Sinter have split up. Sinter is nursing in the shanties of Ho Chi Minh City. Saker is with the peace-loving Penan helping them protect the orangutans and save their own forest homes, as unscrupulous loggers wreak destruction. But they are being watched. And hunted. T

he Prophet has not forgiven their betrayal. Escaping the Clan takes Saker and Sinter on a deadly, dangerous journey through Vietnam, over the South China Sea back to Borneo. Deep in the jungle, they're reunited on their most daredevil and audacious mission yet, to save the endangered orangutans before they become ghosts of the forest. Beware the wooden bullet. The Clan will take their revenge…


Steve Backshall joins Anthony Horowitz and Charlie Higson writing the best adventure fiction with his third adventure in the gripping Falcon Chronicles, filled with intrigue, adventure, exotic wildlife and dramatic locations.

Saker and Sinter escape by the skin of their teeth when their plan to sabotage a billionaire businessman plundering 'black gold' (natural oil and gas) and hunting wolves in the remote Yamal peninsula in North West Siberia goes disastrously wrong. But they escape one kind of peril only to find themselves in an even more terrifying situation. Separated by blizzards and avalanches, lost in a breathtakingly beautiful but deadly frozen Arctic wilderness, suffering from frostbite and hunger, listening to the wolves howl and the packs draw closer, it seems that this time they cannot possibly live to tell their tale...    

Steve Backshall Wilds Of The Wolf


Finding wildlife is rarely easy - unless you're Steve Backshall! In DEADLY DETECTIVES Steve tells young trackers everything they need to know about the origins of tracking, what you need to become a tracker and how to do it, whether the wild world is your own back garden, ancient woodlands, the riverside or coast. He illustrates his tips with examples of his own detective work on land and in the water from tropical rainforests to the African Savanna, from the Arctic tundra to the desert. Join him as footsteps, feeding habits and even a pile of pooh reveals snow leopards, crocodiles, gators, snakes and polar bears, while closer to home you can track foxes, squirrels, badgers and birds, using exactly the same techniques.  A must read for all budding wildlife enthusiasts!

Steve Backshall Deadly Detectives


A childhood dream leading to a journey of a lifetime. It all began after a rainy-day visit with his family to an exhibition of artefacts from Papua New Guinea. From that moment on the seven-year-old boy was captivated: he knew this was somewhere he needed to go, this was a place he needed to explore. But how could a boy from the suburbs go about becoming an explorer?

After graduating from university, Steve began writing for the Rough Guides travel series, which then led to television work. Soon he was carrying business cards from National Geographic which described him as their ‘Adventurer in Residence’. And then he found himself in the vast untamed wilderness of Papua New Guinea, experiencing the crushing lows and extraordinary highs of the BBC’s Lost Land of the Volcano expedition.

Full of the most incredible wildlife, mind-blowing wildernesses, hairy adventures in the jungle, cannibals, nasty bacteria, hilarious camaraderie with other crew members and natives alike, triumph, danger and non-stop excitement, Looking for Adventure is the irresistible and inspiring story of how a little boy from a normal British family went on to become a modern day explorer, with his heart winning out and the adrenalin all-consuming and unrelenting. Steve’s new book Looking For Adventure is available now!


Join DEADLY 60 presenter Steve Backshall in the world’s deadliest book about animals, packed with fascinating facts, killer statistics and stunning photographs. Combined with his own incredible experiences with creatures, large and small, Steve reveals tricks of camouflage, feats of strength, endurance, teamwork and speed, as well as giving us a glimpse into the lives of extremeophiles and looking at some of our planet’s endangered species.

Steve Backshall Predators

Steve Backshall Deadly 60


Steve Backshall embarks on his most daring adventure yet. He has just six months to travel six continents and find 60 of the deadliest creatures on the planet for the 26-part Children's BBC series of the same name which will air on BBC 1, CBBC, Discovery and Animal Planet channels. From lethal beauties to killer beasts, from the unseen to the unexpected, the one thing these creatures have in common is that they are all deadly to other animals. Steve's encounters range from famous killers such as the Black Mamba and the North American Grizzly Bear to less well known but no less deadly animals. He introduces the surreal Pink River Dolphin of Amazonia and captures Australia's elusive Ghost Bat for a closer look. Learn about the ingenious techniques and extraordinary weapons that some of our most dangerous animals are armed with. Including the renowned, the unexpected and the downright bizarre, this companion book to Steve Backshall's high adrenaline tour of the world's most deadly is not to be missed.


Steve’s great passion is inspiring others to get outside and get interested in wildlife and the Great Outdoors, and in this ‘How To’ guide, he comes up with a thousand suggestions for doing just that. From learning how to catch crayfish and cook up a meal from nature’s supermarket, to learning about tracking, and from kayaking with seals to rock climbing to see peregrines. It’s the perfect handbook to our wild world.

Steve Backshall Wildlife Adventurer's Guide

Steve Backshall Venom


Poison is an everyday part of the animal world, and an essential tool for hunting and defence. A wide variety of insects, reptiles and amphibians use toxins to subdue their prey or to stop becoming prey to another predator. Even some mammals and birds resort to poison as a means of securing a meal or deterring attack! From the nine-feet long Komodo Dragon through species such as the King Cobra, Lionfish, Fat-tail Scorpion and Poison Dart-frog to the diminutive but lethal Black Widow Spider, author Steve Backshall takes a fascinating look at the different types of natural venoms. On a tour of the world's continents, he looks at over 60 of the most venomous creatures, describing their main characteristics and explaining how they administer their venom and what its effects are. Stunning colour photographs and exciting accounts of Steve's own encounters with some of these animals bring the world of natural venom alive He also looks at the science of natural toxins, and at how natural venoms are increasingly used in medicine and for the treatment of chronic disease in humans.